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Old fashioned wedding guest books are a thing of the past. Traditional guest books with signatures and a few well wishes sit on a shelf and end up collecting dust.  Do you know ANYONE who even looks at it again after the wedding?  It’s time to step into the 21st century, break the mold, and create something you will truly enjoy! Here are a few of our favs that are not only fun but easy!


Thumbprint Tree Guest Book

This is a super easy way to get your guests to create a work of art for you.  Buy a blank canvas, draw (or get someone to draw) a tree with just the branches then set it on a table with ink pads, pens and baby wipes.  You guests will stamp their thumbprint on a branch and sign their name.  Voila! An amazing work of art to hang in your home!

Hints: Use a few different shades of the color you choose for the ink, to give it depth. Sharpie fine point pens work best for signing. You can also paint anything you like, flowers, butterflies, balloons, get creative! The point is to hang it in your home so make sure you like what is on it!



River Rock Messages

For the garden lover river rocks may be the way to go. Use them to line a garden pathway, or put them in a bowl as a centerpiece. We love the simplicity and the sentiment behind this great idea! Gather up (or buy) smooth flat river rocks and set them on a table with those fine point Sharpie pens. Have your friends and family write messages directly on the rock. After your wedding take each rock and spray it with an acrylic gloss to help keep them new for years to come!

Hints: Take your hubby-to-be and hunt for rocks together! A great way to get the guys involved and it makes for a fun day at the beach. Paint them with acrylic paint first if you want to keep with your color scheme.

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